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849 – The Most Understaffed Schools In Illinois

849 out of 854.

This is the CPS statewide rank on the most critical measure of how a district supports its students: the ratio of students to certified staff. On this critical measure of support available for principals to realize the mission of their schools, CPS is almost dead last in our state.  It means that CPS is virtually the worst staffed district in Illinois.

Instead of working to improve staffing, CPS is moving forward with policies that will push us from virtually last, to dead last, by pressuring schools to cut positions such as assistant principals, classroom teachers, classroom assistants, deans and others.

While Springfield must do its fair share, Chicago doesn’t have to wait on the state. Tell Mayor Emanuel to stop playing the blame game with Springfield and invest in our schools by raising additional local revenue from those who are not already contributing their fair share.  If our politicians and appointed officials believed in the potential of our students as much as we do, they would invest more in their schools. If they don’t invest, they don’t believe.

Chicago Public Schools Under Rahm Emanuel:
849 and falling.

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