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Principals Association Statement on Rauner’s Education Veto

Statement on Governor Rauner’s Veto of Education Funding

Chicago Principals and Administrators Association

We must face the fact that our governor despises his state’s most populous city and holds contempt for the men, women, and children who work, play, and learn here. Rauner pushes a false narrative that positions Chicago as if it is a separate state competing with Illinois rather than what it is–the largest contributor to the tax base from which Illinois gets the revenue to support itself.

At the same time, CPS officials are even more reckless and wasteful than the mayor who appointed them. They give Rauner the talking points he needs to justify his neglect of Chicago Public Schools. We can’t allow this race to the bottom to continue.

Both the mayor and the governor are using one another as excuses for neglecting Chicago’s children. While the state needs to act, Chicago does not have to wait on it. Our city has revenue sources of its own from which it can draw to give our students the education they deserve. Inaction in Springfield is no excuse for inaction in Chicago.

Troy LaRaviere, President

Twitter: @troylaraviere

Email: troylaraviere@gmail.com

Facebook: fb.me/TroyAnthonyLaRaviere

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