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CPS Special Education Discrimination: Background

Divestment and Diversion There has been a continuous stream of disinvestment from CPS and its students over the past decade. CPS has cut school funding repeatedly in order to redirect those funds to other priorities (e.g., Navy Pier, debt service, custodial privatization, wasteful and redundant school construction, subsidies for wealthy developers, etc.).  Before the 2015-2016 school year, special education students had not been the direct targets of these divestment and […]

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The Nauseating Racial Discrimination of Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago Public Schools

Graphic developed by Troy Laraviere and designed by Anthony Moser of DesignVolunteers.org Download a PDF of this infographic here. Download a PNG of this infographic here. If you appreciate our work exposing this Chicago tragedy you can support that work by clicking the donate link below. Thank you.   Introduction The information illustrated in the above infographic comes from Chicago Public Schools’ (CPS) own internal documents. It is a small […]

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CPAA has developed a timeline depicting two real-life examples of CPS principals appealing to central office officials to use funds for special education student needs. These funds were already in the school budgets, but frozen, pending the outcome of the appeals.  In constructing the timeline, CPAA has identified four categories of tactics used by CPS officials in the budget appeals process to deny special education services to students with documented academic needs…

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